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MatchElite Muslim

Meet Elite and Like Minded Muslim Singles

What is MatcheliteMuslim

Matchelitemuslim is a Muslim matchmaking site where PRIVACY AND HONESTY ARE OUR TRUE VALUES. Our goal is to have a unique platform where elite and professional Muslims can find suitable partners globally. This platform can help each one of you find your perfect soulmate. Matchelitemuslim, based in Dallas, Texas USA, is a secure community of Muslims that allows you to look for your prospective partners without risking your privacy.

We are conversant with the requisites of Matchmaking for Muslims, keeping in mind the values of the Muslim community. Our matchelitemuslim platform assures you that no one will be able to see your picture unless you approve it, and the whole match-making process will be transparent but strictly confidential.

How It Works?

Find the Perfect Partner in 4 Simple Steps

MatchEliteMuslim is the most secure matchmaking site and offers complete privacy to its users. To keep our platform honest, we make sure every user is verified.

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VIP Members

Our VIP service offers a more effortless approach of findings the perfect match within the professional Muslim community. We connect the matches directly while still maintaining the convenience, privacy and security. Matchelitemuslim VIP is committed to find the most suitable partners using the criteria and information you provide for us! Get started with a VIP membership in 3 easy steps.

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    Send Request Via Email

    Complete VIP form and send email at [email protected]. We have created digital VIP form in order to understand your requirements. This will also determine kind of partner you are looking. Download VIP Form.

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    Schedule a Skype Meeting

    A Skype meeting is scheduled for verification purpose and to allow our VIP clientele to receive a more personal and comprehensive experience. Once we received completed VIP form from you a Skype meeting is scheduled.

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    Perfect Match

    Find the Perfect Match with thousands of verified Muslim professionals using our platform, it will be easy for you to find the perfect partner. Once approved, you can connect and communicate with your perfect match.

Top VIP Users

Why Us?

MatchEliteMuslim is the best place for elite users to register.

MatchEliteMuslim is a constantly growing community of individuals where you can look for your prospective partners without risking privacy. We know what Muslims want in a partner and understand the values of the Muslim community like no other matchmaking service.

MatchEliteMuslim assures you that no one will be able to access identifying information until you approve it. The process will be transparent for the user but strictly confidential to others. To protect your name from appearing publicly, you can get a username that you can use to chat and browse with prospective partners. You and only you can share your data with suitors once you feel that they is the right person.

MatchEliteMuslim is the first matchmaking service to Accept Digital Payments.

It provides users to transfer payments from different currencies in seconds across the globe. It is one of the ambitious aims intended to reduce the need for an older system like SWIFT or Western Union. Please contact us on [email protected] for making payment in XRP.

Success Stories

Why is compatibility important for a successful marriage?

Compatibility is essential for any relationship and is considered to be the foundation of a happy marriage. Compatibility is the sharing of values, choices, and lifestyle among spouses. Compatibility is about closeness, equality, and respect between partners in terms of morality and religion. Marriage is a beautiful relationship that is not built only on feelings of love, the actions of being in love.This is essential between husband and wife. Marriage is an agreement of two people choosing each other to live their lives happily with. Matchelitemuslim is working hard to ensure you with the perfect match based on what you want in a partner.

Why is it important to have a life partner?

A life partner is someone who helps us to be a better and more positive person. A person who is equally happy for our success or when we achieve something, they will smile with us. a life long partner is someone with whom we can share our fears, grief, insecurities, and, most importantly, our happiness without being judged. Having someone like this in your life is possible, and matchelitemulsim will help you find them.


Muslim marriage website especially for Muslims residing in the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia

Are you one of those singles looking for a halal mingle? Tired of searching for the perfect man or woman of your dreams? Dissatisfied with the suggestions of family and friends and the constant “when are you getting married?” questions?

Look no further because MatchEliteMuslim is here for you to find your perfect match! We provide a completely safe and transparent platform for young Muslim men and women to find their ideal match and communicate to know each other.

Marriage is a sacred bond in Islam and by fulfilling this wonderful commitment we complete an important part of our deen. Finding a righteous and compatible match is a herculean task. Especially when you have to deal with numerous people to get to your dream partner and there is also a fear of betrayal of being duped into believing the person is how they are portrayed. However, there is no such thing in our services. We ensure that you get what you are looking for and have no regrets later! We believe in honesty and transparency so our clients will be satisfied and easily look for their future spouse without any fear of betrayal.

Muslims living abroad in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia face more difficulty in this task where the Muslim community is a small and tightly knitted group living in specific areas it may be hard to locate them, than those living in their native lands.

We care about you. We know healthy relationships depend upon the material resources as well. Therefore, you can also find professional Muslims here, those who have excelled in their fields and have a secure future. You can look out for the compatible professional as we have a huge variety. You can find doctors, engineers, businessmen, artists, and many more those who carry the religion and worldly affairs equally. Contact them, meet them and match your compatibility. If you get the right match, your world will blossom into heaven.

Finding a partner who has similar mental thinking and interests in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, etc. is not a one-man job. Matchmaking sites like ours come to your rescue and provide you endless options to choose from your interest. We have all sorts of people registering from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada in the quest to track their perfect ones and join the couple goals category.

Countless clients have found their match and resulted in successful marriages which we have shown in our treasured testimonials. Our services start at age 18 with no upward limit. Our services are not only for new couples but also for widows, widower, and divorcees. We match according to caste, sect, and class group and provide all relevant information to both the parties honestly.

We also cross-check the information and also encourage the parties to do the same at their end too. We make sure that only verified and authentic people join us on our website. It is one of our prime focuses to keep the information fully secure and private. We have never received a single complaint of misuse of anyone’s data. Our highly secured system makes us the best choice for the people looking out for their soulmates. We know very well that Muslim marriage is not just the marriage of two people but two families and therefore all precautions must be an important part of the matchmaking process.

To make the process of finding your compatible match in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia easier we have introduced our matchmaking website. We cater to clients coming from all sorts of backgrounds and races and nationalities. So what are you waiting for? Come and register yourself or someone who you want to get settled as soon as possible! Make a profile, upload a picture, and state your credentials for your potential future significant other and be prepared to find amazing matches of your choice! Happy Matchmaking!