Love is looking for you. Be found.


From the earliest starting point of time, human beings were in pairs like Adam and Eve. We also have read many Shakespeare writings of Romeo and Juliet or watched plenty of movies about love and compatibility. It is human nature that he cannot survive without a life partner.
A life partner is someone realistic and trustworthy, with whom you do not have to pretend anything which you are not, and you can truly be yourself, a person with whom you can spend the rest of your life happily. A life partner is somebody who is a reliable companion and a person that you can rely on. A person who enters your life to enrich it. A person with whom you are fully compatible.

It is very challenging to answer why it is important to have a life partner. We need a partner like we need oxygen to breathe like plants need sunlight. A life partner is a person who helps us to recognize our real value, who can support us in our all thick and thins. Who can bring happiness is our sad moments, a life partner is a person who will help us or will be there for us no matter where we got stuck, a person who gives the best suggestions, a person who supports us in decision making.

A life partner is someone who helps us to be a better and positive person. A person who is equally happy for our success or when we achieve something, he/she will smile with us. In short life, the partner is someone with whom we can share our fears, grief, insecurities, fantasies, and, most importantly, happiness without being judged. Lucky are those who have someone like this in their lives.


What does it mean?

Compatibility implies similarity and equality. In a Hadeeth (Prophetic narration), the Prophet.

"Muslims are equal in their blessedness of life." [Abu Daawood]

The Prophet gave no appreciation to class differences and wealth status, but in a marriage, he strongly emphasizes compatibility. Partners who are marrying must have Kufw (equivalence or equality) of each other so that there are no excessive apprehensions later. It is better for women who are focused on laws and standards to marry a man like themselves.

Compatibility is the first and foremost, and it is considered the foundations of a happy marriage; it is the arrangement of values, choices, and lifestyle among spouses. Compatibility is about closeness, equality, and respect between spouses in terms of morality and religiosity. A good consonance between husband and wife contributes to the success of their marriage. The husband and wife always need to spend some quality time together, have some fun. No matter whether physical, emotional, or intellectual, compatibility is something every married couple should have. Those relationships where compatibility lacks, it causes a very unpleasant situation that leads to conflicts and separation because most people relate compatibility to age, beauty, income level, customs of the society, compatibility has no link with these things.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that is not built on the feelings of being in love, but it is building based on the actions of being in love. And compatibility is essential between husband and wife. It is understood that marriage is an agreement where two people tend together to live as one happy family. Compatibility is the way of living life by compromising, ignoring small mistakes, and admiring all his/her efforts. Islam very gorgeously describes the relationship of marriage by characterizing it by love, respect, safety, mutual rights, comforts, and responsibilities. And Allah knows best.